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7.2 Launching a Tor daemon for Goblins

In order for Goblins’ Onion Service netlayer to work, it needs to talk to a Tor daemon. Goblins can set up and manage the Onion Services itself once it connects to the Tor daemon. So far it seems like running a single Goblins Tor process “as your user” and letting various Goblins processes connect to it is the easiest option.

Here’s an example configuration file template (replace <user> with your actual username):

DataDirectory /home/<user>/.cache/goblins/tor/data/
SocksPort unix:/home/<user>/.cache/goblins/tor/tor-socks-sock RelaxDirModeCheck
ControlSocket unix:/home/<user>/.cache/goblins/tor/tor-control-sock RelaxDirModeCheck
Log notice file /home/<user>/.cache/goblins/tor/tor-log.txt}|

Write this configuration to ~/.config/goblins/tor-config.txt.

Create the necessary cache directory:

mkdir -p ~/.cache/goblins/tor/data

Now launch the Tor daemon:

tor -f ~/.config/goblins/tor-config.txt