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6.17 Ticker

The (goblins actor-lib ticker) module provides a mechanism to invoke certain actors at the same time each “tick” of a program.

Procedure: spawn-ticker

Spawn and return a reference to a ticker actor which holds references to a set of actors which it invokes with the same set of arguments each “tick”.

A ticker has four methods:

  • to-tick: Return a procedure accepting a single argument, a closure over spawning an actor with a ticky actor as an argument. The ticky actor is passed to the closure and has three procedures:
    • die: Set dead? to #t.
    • dead?: Return #t if die has been invoked, else #f.
    • to-tick: The same as the to-tick method of ticker.
  • get-ticked: Return a list holding references to each actor to tick.
  • tick: Invoke all actors which have a ticky.
  • foldr proc init [#:include-new? #t]: A foldr procedure over the actors known to ticker. If include-new? is #t, also operate on actors registered since the last invocation of tick.
Persistence Environment: ticker-env