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7.5.1 Tor Onion Services

Assuming a Tor daemon is running, a Goblins Onion netlayer can be created using the new-onion-netlayer procedure from the (goblins ocapn netlayer onion) module:

> (define-values (onion-netlayer private-key service-id)

That netlayer can then be used to spawn an OCapN router actor:

> (define mycapn (spawn-mycapn onion-netlayer))

Each time new-onion-netlayer is called it generates a new private-key and service-id. If you wish for these to persist, they need to be stored (securely, as anyone with them has the capability to host at them) and call restore-onion-netlayer providing them. An example of this is:

> (define-values (onion-netlayer _private-key _service-id)
    (restore-onion-netlayer private-key service-id))