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add-stdlib: Linker
array-type-mutable?: Data types
array-type-type: Data types
array-type?: Data types
assemble-wasm: Assembler

call on Procedure: JavaScript API reference
compile: Invoking the compiler
compile-call: High-level development tools
compile-file: Invoking the compiler
compile-value: High-level development tools
custom-bytes: Data types
custom-name: Data types
custom?: Data types

data-id: Data types
data-init: Data types
data-mem: Data types
data-mode: Data types
data-offset: Data types
data?: Data types
define-foreign: Foreign function interface
dump-wasm: Printer

elem-id: Data types
elem-inits: Data types
elem-mode: Data types
elem-offset: Data types
elem-table: Data types
elem-type: Data types
elem?: Data types
export-idx: Data types
export-kind: Data types
export-name: Data types
export?: Data types
external-non-null?: Foreign function interface
external-null?: Foreign function interface
external?: Foreign function interface

field-id: Data types
field-mutable?: Data types
field-type: Data types
field?: Data types
func-body: Data types
func-id: Data types
func-locals: Data types
func-sig-params: Data types
func-sig-results: Data types
func-sig?: Data types
func-type: Data types
func?: Data types

global-id: Data types
global-init: Data types
global-type: Data types
global-type-mutable?: Data types
global-type-type: Data types
global-type?: Data types
global?: Data types

hashtable-clear!: Hash tables
hashtable-contains?: Hash tables
hashtable-copy: Hash tables
hashtable-delete!: Hash tables
hashtable-entries: Hash tables
hashtable-for-each: Hash tables
hashtable-keys: Hash tables
hashtable-ref: Hash tables
hashtable-set!: Hash tables
hashtable-size: Hash tables
hashtable?: Hash tables
hoot-atomic-box?: High-level development tools
hoot-bitvector-length: High-level development tools
hoot-bitvector-ref: High-level development tools
hoot-bitvector?: High-level development tools
hoot-bytevector-length: High-level development tools
hoot-bytevector-ref: High-level development tools
hoot-bytevector?: High-level development tools
hoot-complex-imag: High-level development tools
hoot-complex-real: High-level development tools
hoot-complex?: High-level development tools
hoot-dynamic-state?: High-level development tools
hoot-fluid?: High-level development tools
hoot-fraction-denom: High-level development tools
hoot-fraction-num: High-level development tools
hoot-fraction?: High-level development tools
hoot-hash-table?: High-level development tools
hoot-instantiate: High-level development tools
hoot-keyword-name: High-level development tools
hoot-keyword?: High-level development tools
hoot-load: High-level development tools
hoot-module-instance: High-level development tools
hoot-module-reflector: High-level development tools
hoot-module?: High-level development tools
hoot-object?: High-level development tools
hoot-pair-car: High-level development tools
hoot-pair-cdr: High-level development tools
hoot-pair?: High-level development tools
hoot-port?: High-level development tools
hoot-procedure?: High-level development tools
hoot-struct?: High-level development tools
hoot-symbol-name: High-level development tools
hoot-symbol?: High-level development tools
hoot-syntax?: High-level development tools
hoot-variable?: High-level development tools
hoot-vector-length: High-level development tools
hoot-vector-ref: High-level development tools
hoot-vector?: High-level development tools
hoot-weak-table?: High-level development tools

import-id: Data types
import-kind: Data types
import-mod: Data types
import-name: Data types
import-type: Data types
import?: Data types
instantiate-wasm: Interpreter

limits-max: Data types
limits-min: Data types
limits?: Data types
load-and-validate-wasm: Interpreter
load_extension on Scheme: JavaScript API reference
load_main on Scheme: JavaScript API reference
local-id: Data types
local-type: Data types
local?: Data types

make-eq-hashtable: Hash tables
make-wasm-global: Interpreter
make-wasm-memory: Interpreter
make-wasm-table: Interpreter
make-weak-key-hashtable: Hash tables
mem-arg-align: Data types
mem-arg-id: Data types
mem-arg-offset: Data types
mem-arg?: Data types
mem-type-limits: Data types
mem-type?: Data types
memory-id: Data types
memory-type: Data types
memory?: Data types
mutable-hoot-bitvector?: High-level development tools
mutable-hoot-bytevector?: High-level development tools
mutable-hoot-pair?: High-level development tools
mutable-hoot-string->string: High-level development tools
mutable-hoot-string?: High-level development tools
mutable-hoot-vector?: High-level development tools

names-data: Data types
names-elem: Data types
names-fields: Data types
names-func: Data types
names-global: Data types
names-label: Data types
names-local: Data types
names-memory: Data types
names-module: Data types
names-table: Data types
names-tag: Data types
names-type: Data types
names?: Data types

param-id: Data types
param-type: Data types
param?: Data types
parse-wasm: Binary Parser

read-and-compile: Invoking the compiler
rec-group-types: Data types
rec-group?: Data types
ref-type-heap-type: Data types
ref-type-nullable?: Data types
ref-type?: Data types
reflector-abi: High-level development tools
reflector-instance: High-level development tools
reflector?: High-level development tools
resolve-wasm: Resolver

struct-type-fields: Data types
struct-type?: Data types
sub-type-final?: Data types
sub-type-supers: Data types
sub-type-type: Data types
sub-type?: Data types

table-id: Data types
table-type: Data types
table-type-elem-type: Data types
table-type-limits: Data types
table-type?: Data types
table?: Data types
tag-id: Data types
tag-type: Data types
tag?: Data types
type-id: Data types
type-use-idx: Data types
type-use-sig: Data types
type-use?: Data types
type-val: Data types
type?: Data types

validate-wasm: Interpreter
validated-wasm-ref: Interpreter
validated-wasm?: Interpreter

wasm->wat: GWAT
wasm-catch: Low-level development tools
wasm-continue: Low-level development tools
wasm-custom: Data types
wasm-datas: Data types
wasm-dump: Low-level development tools
wasm-elems: Data types
wasm-eval: Low-level development tools
wasm-exports: Data types
wasm-freq: Low-level development tools
wasm-funcs: Data types
wasm-global-mutable?: Interpreter
wasm-global-ref: Interpreter
wasm-global-set!: Interpreter
wasm-global?: Interpreter
wasm-globals: Data types
wasm-id: Data types
wasm-imports: Data types
wasm-locals: Low-level development tools
wasm-memories: Data types
wasm-memory-bytes: Interpreter
wasm-memory-grow!: Interpreter
wasm-memory-limits: Interpreter
wasm-memory-size: Interpreter
wasm-memory?: Interpreter
wasm-pos: Low-level development tools
wasm-stack: Low-level development tools
wasm-stack-items: Interpreter
wasm-stack?: Interpreter
wasm-start: Data types
wasm-step: Low-level development tools
wasm-strings: Data types
wasm-table-copy!: Interpreter
wasm-table-fill!: Interpreter
wasm-table-grow!: Interpreter
wasm-table-ref: Interpreter
wasm-table-set!: Interpreter
wasm-table-size: Interpreter
wasm-table?: Interpreter
wasm-tables: Data types
wasm-tags: Data types
wasm-trace: Low-level development tools
wasm-types: Data types
wasm?: Data types
wat->wasm: GWAT
weak-key-hashtable-delete!: Hash tables
weak-key-hashtable-ref: Hash tables
weak-key-hashtable-set!: Hash tables
weak-key-hashtable?: Hash tables

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