Spritely: New Foundations for Networked Communities

Table of Contents

NOTE: This is an early draft. Has yet to be reviewed by the technical review board.

Blah blah, talk about all three papers… This paper isn'e even close to being ready yet, it's just being outlined. For now, The Heart of Spritely: Distributed Objects and Capability Security is the document that needs your feedback.

1. Introduction

1.1. Overview

1.2. Spritely and The Spritely Institute

1.2.1. Research and development through The Spritely Project

1.2.2. Interoperability, specifications, and standardization

1.2.3. Education

1.2.4. Why a nonprofit?

2. How centralization has corrupted networked communities

3. A sketch of a better future

4. Where to from here?

5. Conclusions

6. Acknowledgements

Author: Christine Lemmer-Webber, Randy Farmer

Created: 2022-08-15 Mon 16:49