Centralization broke community on the Internet. We're here to fix it.

Centralized social media is harmful to society. We are building a gatekeeper-free decentralized system. Our mission is “social media done right”, to put people in control of their own identity and build the technology that would enable a shift to collaborative and intentional security models prioritizing active consent. To accomplish this, we will build a new architecture for the internet: removing the necessity of client-server architecture, replacing it with a participatory peer-centric model.

This is the home of the Spritely Goblins Distributed Programming platform - the core of our vision of a completely decentralised social internet.

Spritely’s technology is being released as free and open source software aiming for multiple programming language implementations and eventual open standardization. All of our work, ranging from decentralized identity, peer-to-peer user agents, decentralized social networks, encrypted and portable storage, and distributed object programming infrastructure is being built to enable a gatekeeper-free path where users and content are not tied to a specific server.

Re-Architecting Communication on the Internet

Every community (context) needs its own rules of identity, language, and behavior - so universal moderation is not possible. Privacy & moderation issues have triggered the permanent shutdown of millions of networked communities and the destruction of their relationships and artifacts.

Networked communities deserve the right to organize, govern, protect, and enrich their members themselves. This focus is why we are a nonprofit, public-benefit 501(c)(3) corporation.

The cofounders of Spritely Institute have been innovating on networked communities technologies and standards for decades, including the ActivityPub standard, social networks, smart contracts, object capabilities, and secure distributed virtual worlds.

We will lead creation of open standards and freely licensed open source reference implementations for safe, decentralized networked communities. A new social layer for the internet, with no gatekeepers - instead, people are in direct control of their identities and relationships.

Join us!

Much of foundational technology is bench-tested and we’ve built basic versions of many of the key components. We've started building a coalition because adding new infrastructure to the internet is a huge undertaking requiring substantial resources and cooperative developer effort.

Want to work together? Contact us at: contact@spritely.institute

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