Developer Community Forum open for everyone!

-- Fri 02 February 2024

The Spritely Institute developer community forum is now public and free for all to join and participate!

Our forum is the place to talk about all Spritely Institute projects and technolgies - the OCapn protocol, the Spritely Goblins secure distributed programming environment, and Guile HOOT bringing Scheme to WebAssembly (and browsers!).

How to get help with technical issues for Spritely Institute technologies

  • If you are running into an issue with the codebase or would like to report a bug, please check the issues on the relevant repo and/or the docs, and file an issue on the appropriate repo as necessary: Goblins Hoot OCapN
  • Use the forum search function to check if anyone has asked a similar question before. The responses may point you in a helpful direction! If there are no related threads, please sign up, review the community guidelines and post a new topic with your question.

If you do choose to join this community, please introduce yourself and tell us about your project!