Meet us at GuixDays & FOSDEM!

-- Tue 23 January 2024


We will be presenting and attending FOSDEM 2024 and the Guix Days unconference in Belgium the first week of February.

  • "Scheme in the Browser with Guile Hoot and WebAssembly" by Robin Templeton (Feb 4, 11:00 CET). Guile Hoot is a free and open source WebAssembly toolchain and Scheme compiler that is opening doors for all programming languages to run within Wasm environments.

  • "Spritely, Guile, Guix: a unified vision for user security" by Christine Lemmer-Webber (Feb 4, 12:00 CET). Spritely's goal is to create networked communities that puts people in control of their own identity and security. This talk will present a unified vision of how Spritely, Guile, and Guix can work together to bring user freedom and security to everyone!

We'll also be attending as many related dinner events as we can.

Let's talk about partnering

Spritely Institute is non-profit, and we are excited about partnering to unlock the power of secure decentralized applications. Those partnerships could take many forms, including possible joint-applications for project funding development of interoperable applications and infrastructure. Talk to us about how we might work together!

Request a f2f meeting in Brussels

Meet in-person with CTO Christine Lemmer-Webber, Goblins Engineer Jessica Talon, or Hoot Compiler Engineer Robin Templeton.

To request a meeting, join our developer community message board and see this topic to let us know in advance about the cool project you're interested in collaborating on. We'd love to schedule some time to meet with you.

Hope to see you there!