Organizational changes at the Spritely Institute

-- Thu 25 April 2024

Today we’re announcing some organizational changes at the Spritely Networked Communities Institute. My co-founder and colleague Randy Farmer is transitioning out of the Executive Director role. I (Christine Lemmer-Webber) will be stepping into the role of Executive Director, and David Thompson, formerly our Core Infrastructure Architect, will be stepping up as Chief Technology Officer.

Personally, I am very grateful for the two years that Randy served as Executive Director of this organization. Randy stepped up to fill a necessary role, making major positive impacts on the Institute. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have co-founded the Spritely Institute with someone who always inspired, understood, and fostered Spritely’s vision. Indeed, much of Spritely’s long-term vision came directly out of Randy’s work at Electric Communities and his entire career shaping online community structures. You can read Randy’s own statement about his departure. Please join us in applauding Randy for serving the organization and working so hard for the last couple of years. Randy will always be co-founder of the Spritely Institute, and we are happy to say that Randy will continue to work with the Institute as a consultant.

Meanwhile, the Spritely Institute continues in its work and goals as we have always had them: building the future of decentralized networks to empower individuals and communities on the internet. I am excited to move forward: we have an incredible team with David Thompson as our new CTO, Jessica Tallon as our Founding Technologist, Juliana Sims who works with us as Integration Engineer, Andy Wingo working via Igalia with us as Hoot's Compiler Specialist, tessa as our Developer Relations Manager, and Briana Jacobs our Human Resources Administrator. And of course, Spritely is not just the employees of the Spritely Institute: it is also all the users and contributors to Goblins, Hoot, and the OCapN pre-standardization group. If you are excited to join our community, we have a forum at and would be happy to speak to you there!